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Three PBs!

Jul 04, 2015 0 comments

I'm a couple of days late in writing this but that's what sometimes happens when you have a full-time job and a 2 year old... 

Do you know those days in the gym where you just feel strong? Well last Thursday I had one of those days. I ran out of pre-workout about 2 weeks ago* so for the last 2 weeks I feel like I haven't been progressing as quickly as I had up to that point. I work out first thing in the morning and in a fasted state so my pre-workout really helps!

Anyway it was "upper body" day which starts with an incline DB bench which I did with 36kg dumbbells for 6 reps. Pleased with that as my previous best was 34kg. Then I went onto a bicep curl and ended up at 42.5kg for 5 reps, beating my previous best by 2.5kg. And then the exercise I was most happy with; weighted dips with 12.5kg on the dip belt for 5 reps. My previous best was 7.5kg so this meant I could get the 10kg plate out which was cool! The other exercises that day also went well (alternate DB curl and tricep push down).

I'm probably at least 10, if not nearer 15kg overweight if I think of getting to single digit body fat (which I'm nowhere near by the way!) so I'm really pleased with that weighted dip in particular. It makes me wonder why my incline bench is so poor in comparison at 75kg for 6 reps at the moment.

One of the many really great things about training in the way that Mike Matthews recommends is that you do see very regular progress, both strength-wise and visually. This means I know that my bench will soon improve.

I've also recently become a big fan of Arnie's motivational quotes so here's one to be going on with. Expect some posts on motivation in general soon.

Happy training!

*We are just waiting to hear back from Legion on our product order - expect an update soon

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