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We have just been sent a parcel from the US and it had the shipping cost on the invoice so I thought it would be a good opportunity to test again to make sure it is still cheaper to buy Legion from Active Supplements than ship direct from the US.
The parcel weighed about the same as a bottle of Forge (it was a t-shirt) so I’ll use that for my test.
Direct from the US (Prices in US$)
Forge $34.95 (currently 20% off at Legion – normal price $43.99)
Shipping $25.55
Total $60.50
At exchange rate of 1.305 (Commonwealth Bank’s rate at 1st Aug 2015) = $78.95 Australian
From Active Supplements
Forge $59.99
Shipping $7.59
Total $67.58
A saving of $11.37
When we set up Active Supplements the whole point was that it needs to be cheaper to buy from Australia than ship from the US. We had ordered some supplements directly from Legion which is what gave us the idea as the shipping cost nearly as much as the supplements! We have a benchmark order that we always test against which is 1 x pulse, 1 x phoenix and 1 x recharge. At today’s exchange rate this order is $20 (Aus dollars) cheaper from Active Supplements than shipping direct from the US.
We will continue to test that benchmark order as the exchange rate moves. It is important to us here at Active Supplements that we offer a value proposition for Australians and New Zealanders who want to buy Legion supplements.
Thank you to all our customers and friends for your support!
Happy Training!

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