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Incremental Gains AKA Small Wins

Oct 31, 2015 1 comment
Incremental Gains AKA Small Wins

Incremental gains

If you're the kind of person that is reading this post then I'm guessing you have goals. I'm also guessing that one of those goals is some variation of being ripped/muscular/slim/toned. 

I'm a huge fan of goals and one of the principles I use when setting goals is that it needs to be exciting - which translates to the goal being a big change in your life. This might be to lose 20kg of fat, bench press 1.5 x bodyweight or make a million dollars or whatever. 

When you have big, scary goals like this then there is a slight problem. The problem is just that - the goals are scary. They are far away. It takes a long time and a lot of effort to get there.

Because of this it's very possible that people get a bit overwhelmed and can't realistically see a way to get there. This leads to getting a bit down about the whole thing and potentially giving up pretty quickly. Even if you don't give up it can really stall your progress or make you look for "quick fix" or "one weird trick" solutions to get your there faster - which of course don't work.

For me a solution to this is incremental goals. So for example if you want to lose 20kgs; to get there you first need to lose 5kgs - or even 1kg. Now losing 1 or 5kgs is nowhere near as scary as 20kgs and is the kind of goal that can be reached comparatively quickly which in turn gives you more motivation to keep going towards your larger goal. You also get some feedback on your method of achieving that goal. In this example; you've got feedback that your combination of diet and exercise is working.

It's important to celebrate these incremental goals too. They are vital steps to achieving your main goal and it's important that you acknowledge and celebrate that. This generates a positive feeling towards your goal and gives you the confidence that you can achieve it. 

One thing that's absolutely crucial to this - and crucial to goals in general - is measurement. i.e. you have to measure whatever it is that your goal is about - in this case body weight and body composition. It's only by measuring and tracking that you can tell whether you are progressing.

Just to finish off with; here's one of my favourite Tony Robbins quotes that I hope you like: "happiness is progress"

Progress and be happy!

Happy training.

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1 comment

  • So true. Comparing yourself to others never works. Great quote.

    Nick on

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