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Phoenix and caffeine

Nov 06, 2015 0 comments
Phoenix and caffeine

I got emailed a great question earlier this week from someone who was struggling to find the right time to take Phoenix. This was mainly due to Phoenix working best with caffeine - so they were trying to take it early in the morning; near when they had their caffeine (which was Pulse). I thought that it was such a good question and that other people would likely have the same question so it was worth a blog post. 

Now there are a couple of things to think about here. This person works out in a "fasted" state - as I do. (For more information on fasted training check out Mike Matthews' great article here) This is particularly relevant in relation to Phoenix because you need to take Phoenix with food. And by "food" I mean a normal meal as opposed to a small snack. The way Phoenix works means that if you take it on an empty stomach you'll usually feel pretty rubbish too.

So the first part of my answer was to make sure that you take Phoenix with food.

Now the second part of the answer has to do with caffeine. As I mention above the reason why this person took Phoenix early-ish in the morning was so that it was "with" caffeine. But you may not know that caffeine stays in your body for quite a while. In fact it has a half-life of 3-5 hours ("half life" just means that that's the amount of time it takes for half of the caffeine to leave your system).

So let's say you have a full dose of Pulse. That's a whopping 350mg of caffeine. Around 3-5 hours later you'll have 175mg in your system. Around 3-5 hours after that you'll have 85mg in your system and so on...

Bear in mind that a cup of coffee contains very roughly 60mg of caffeine. 

So what this means for our purposes is you can have Phoenix at pretty much any time in the day in this example and it's still "with" caffeine!

What I do personally is train (fasted) first thing in the morning using Pulse. I have a post workout shake of Rice Milk and Whey+ as well as a separate shaker of Recharge. Then at lunchtime I'll have my normal lunch with Phoenix and at dinner time I'll have my normal dinner with Phoenix. That seems to work pretty well.

I hope that's helpful! 

Happy Training

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