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Goals for 2016

Dec 30, 2015 0 comments
Goals for 2016


It's the time of year when people like you and I - i.e. motivated people who achieve big things - set our goals for the coming year. I know that I personally have set my goals for the year as well as my goals for January. The reason I have set goals for January is so that I can: a/ know that I am on target for my larger goals and b/ get to celebrate what will still be a pretty good win. I talked about this principle of "small wins" in a previous blog post.

So there are two things I specifically wanted to talk about today. Both of which are probably pretty obvious - but in my experience pretty much all the things like this are pretty obvious. That's why they call it common sense!

So firstly; set a goal. Or more than one. This is just a complete non-negotiable. In a study undertaken at Harvard University it was found that the 3% of graduates of a given class who had written down goals earned  ten times more on average than the other 97% of the class put together. Now that's compelling. 

In case you missed a key phrase of the above paragraph; it was the graduates who had written down goals that were the rock stars. Interestingly, the 13% who had goals but didn't write them down still earned twice as much as the 84% who didn't have goals at all. As I type this, if I look up from the screen, then right in front of me on my office wall are my 3 medium-term goals. Write your goals down people!

The second point is to fall in love with the process. Let's say your goal is to look like Mike Matthews - I'm guessing that would be an approximation of the goal of 50% of the people reading this! The other readers being female of course who probably don't want to look like Mike!

Now there are broadly two aspects to achieving this goal: exercise and nutrition. Some people reading this (like me) will love working out. Will love the feeling you get from lifting a bit more this week than last week, will love the routine of getting up early and hitting the gym when most people are hitting snooze. But these same people (like me again) will not be so hot at their diet. We won't love the feeling we get when saying no to ice cream for example (yes I have eaten an ice cream as I typed this - it's hot ok? :) ) 

Now for people like this we need to find a way to fall in love with the process. For me that way is to track progress. I love seeing numbers go up (or down!) over time. So if I have a chart that I fill in on a weekly basis say and that number is going in the direction I want then that motivates me to do the stuff to keep that number moving. Like not eating ice-cream for example.

There are lots of other ways to fall in love with the process - the above is just my suggestion. A mentor of mine, Scott Harris, calls this stuff "brushing and flossing". They are the things you need to do on a consistent basis to achieve your goals and if you can fall in love with doing them then you are 80+% of the way there.

If you do anything with Scott by the way, tell him that Tim from Active Supplements recommended him 'cos he'll like that! :)

So in summary:

1/ Set goals

2/ Fall in love with the process

Wishing you an awesome 2016!

Happy Training!

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