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No Extra Time

Feb 04, 2018 0 comments
No Extra Time

Tony Robbins has a concept of NET time, or "No Extra Time". I'm sure others have a similar concept. What this means is that you can squeeze extra stuff into your day without it taking any more time because you do it whilst you're doing something else.

A great example for me is commuting. I have a great commute and you'll have seen a vid and a few pics of it if you follow us on Instagram (hint hint!). I walk just over 2 km to a bus stop, catch the bus, and walk about 1 km once I get off the bus at the other end. All together it takes about an hour with the same on the way home. For those 2 hours a day I can do something else - like listen to something - for "No Extra Time". 

So I've become a huge fan of podcasts and audio books. They turn what could easily be a pretty dull part of my day, the commute, into something that I actually look forward to. 

I thought it would be useful to list some of the podcasts that I find interesting and useful. There's about a million podcasts out there so even if these don't appeal, you're sure to find something you like out there.

An obvious one to start with is the Muscle for Life podcast. If you're here for Legion supplements then you already know what Mike Matthews is all about and his podcast is just as well researched as his supplements. He has great book reviews (I've read a lot of the books he recommends), great interviews and I particularly like his Motivation Monday episodes. 

Another great health and fitness podcast is the Model Health Show. This has more "health" content than "fitness" content but covers both bases. Sean Stevenson the host is extremely knowledgeable across the board on health and fitness and has some exceptional expert guests. He's also written a great book on sleep which I've read too.

You'll have seen in my last blog post that I really like the Jocko Podcast. It mainly focuses on leadership and how lessons from war (Jocko's an ex US Navy Seal) can be applied to life and business.

One of the biggest and best podcasts in the world is the Tim Ferriss Show. This is typically #1 on iTunes for business podcasts but it's so much more than a business podcast. Tim is a serial entrepreneur, author, self-experimenter and investor. If you haven't heard of Tim Ferriss you should rectify that immediately! Also his books are amazing with his first book, The Four Hour Work Week, being a seminal, mindset-changing, book. I think I'm right in saying that the Four Hour Work Week is in the top 300 best selling books on Amazon ever.

For entrepreneurs and general "hustle" then check out Gary Vaynerchuk's podcast. Gary is a very entertaining and colourful speaker. If you want to know anything about business - and especially marketing - check him out. I am currently reading his new book too. Again, amazing.

The last one on the list is Bulletproof Radio. This is quite similar to the Model Health Show above in what it covers and they do have some guest crossover too. Dave Asprey is another extremely knowledgeable guy in the realm of health - particularly brain health - and his show is a fountain of great information.

I listen to plenty of others too; Joe Rogan, Robert Kiyosaki, Michael Covell, Andy Tanner and lots of others. There really are so many great podcasts out there - your commute will never be the same again!

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