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Legion Triton

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High Potency, 100% triglyceride fish oil with added vitamin E. Made from sustainably fished deep-water anchovies and sardines. 

  • Decreased risk of heart disease
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Faster fat loss
  • Less muscle soreness
  • Better mood, memory and cognitive performance
  • Better insulin sensitivity

Legion have developed a top-quality fish oil supplement using strict criteria for this product:

  1. It must be composed of 100% reesterified triglyceride oil
  2. It must include the highest possible EPA and DHA content
  3. It must be sustainably sourced from fish naturally lowest in pollutants
  4. It must be molecularly distilled to reduce contaminants to as close to zero as possible

Each serving of Triton contains:

If you want to optimize your mental and physical health and performance and reduce the risk of disease and dysfunction...then you want to try TRITON today

For the full details of this product, including 56 scientific references check out the full description on the Legion site.

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