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Legion Whey+

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Hormone-free whey isolate from antibiotic-free cows raised on small farms in Ireland.

  • 100% whey isolate - the purest whey protein money can buy
  • contains virtually no lactose
  • tastes and mixes better than whey concentrate

Every ingredient in Whey+ has been proven to be effective in properly designed and executed peer reviewed research. In addition to this, Whey+ contains clinically effective doses of all the ingredients so you can be sure to get the benefits demonstrated. Mike Matthews describes it as "...the perfect 100% whey isolate product!"

Each serving of Whey+ contains:

 Hormone and antibiotic free, undenatured whey protein isolate 25 grams
Non GMO Maltodextrin 1 gram
NO artificial food dyes 0 grams
NO artificial sweetener 0 grams
NO "label stuffing" ingredients 0 grams


Whey+ is created using cold micro-filtration and ultra-filtration technologies, which produce undenatured protein with the valuable subfractions intact.

If you want a pure, clean, great-tasting whey protein isolate enhanced by additional leucine to further stimulate muscle growth,then buy WHEY+ now!

For the full details of the reasoning behind the ingredients - backed up by 19 scientific references - check out the full description on the Legion site. Container size 1kg

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