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Hi there and thanks for checking out the About Us page.

First of all; what’s this site all about? Well it’s primarily set up to help the TROOPERS of Australia and New Zealand GET AFTER IT. We do that by providing Jocko Supplements, Origin gear, Jocko White Tea and other products in Australia and NZ cheaper than they would be if you ordered them direct from the US. All our products except for the Origin BJJ gear and apparel ship from Melbourne so when you order it arrives with you pretty quick too.

OK, so who am I? My name’s Tim and I guess you could say I’m a huge fan of the Jocko Podcast as well as Jocko & Leif’s books, Musters etc. I listen to a lot of podcasts and when I came across Jocko’s (I heard of it from the Tim Ferriss podcast) it struck me so much that I went back to episode 1 and listened to them all in order.

Some random facts about me:

  • Married with two young sons
  • Moved to Australia from the UK in 2011 with my wife
  • We live in Hobart, Tasmania
  • I’m a BJJ white beltche
  • I have a day job and this site is a labour of love for me!
  • I’m very active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

If you have any questions about anything in the store, or anything else for that matter – or even if you just want to reach out and say hi – please get in touch at or via social media and I’ll get right back to you.

Check out the Facebook Group for Oz TROOPERS here too: Extreme Ownership - Muster Down Under: OZ troopers getting after it.
**If you arrived here looking for Legion Supplements then we no longer stock them as you can get free shipping worldwide direct from the Legion site**

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